Installing Zaptec Sense with e-meter

This guide shows how to install the Zaptec Sense with e-meter. Installation of Zaptec Sense may only be performed by an authorized electrician. 


Physical installation

In the package, you will get a Zaptec Sense, a custom Micro USB cable, an adhesive magnet sheet, and double-sided tape. Zaptec Sense also requires a 5V DC DIN rail power supply, minimal output current: 1A, and DIN rail digital energy meter. An unshielded CAT5e/CAT6 Ethernet cable is optional. 


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  1. Mount the power supply on the DIN rail.

  2. Connect Zaptec Sense to the modules using the custom Micro USB cable.

  3. The white, green, and brown (GND) wires go to the e-meter.

  4. Red [V+] and black [V-] connect to the power supply.


Zaptec Sense supports several e-meters. Installation diagram for each model can be found here:



External equipment must be installed according to the installation manual provided by the manufacturer. The Modbus baud rate must be configured to 9.6 kbps. 



Configure Zaptec Sense in app

After installation, the Zaptec Sense must be configured in the Zaptec app. 

  1. In the app: go to Home, tap the••• icon, and Install product.
  2. Scan the QR- code on the back of the user guide and follow the instructions on the screen. 





Zaptec Sense supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. For Ethernet, connect the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port.

  • To adjust network settings after installation, hold your mobile phone near the Zaptec Sense device, open the Zaptec app and press the ••• icon to configure Zaptec Sense.
  • If Zaptec Sense loses internet connectivity or is disconnected, the charging station will be set to provide minimum power (6A). Minimum power can be changed in the Zaptec portal.


Light indicator 



When installing the e-meter, do I need to configure the e-meter? (Modbus related for the installer) 

For Janitza UMG604-E and Janitza UMG96RM-E-RCM the default RS485/Modbus baudrate is: 115.2kbps (factory setting), we use 9.6kbps in our Zaptec Sense. 


Which e-meter does Zaptec Sense support?

The Zaptec Sense can connect to either of these:

3 phase, DIN, CT: UMG604-E
3 phase, panel-mount, CT: UMG96RM-E-RCM 





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