Introduction to Zaptec Sense

Zaptec Sense is a smart device for power measurement that helps you utilize the power in the smartest possible way, without affecting the rest of the building or the main fuse. Based on the overall power consumption, Sense will automatically adjust the charging speed depending on the power available. 

☝️Sense is available for all homes, shared housing, and commercial properties. 


What does Zaptec Sense do?

The Sense receives a report with the overall power being used in the specific evaluation period. The charger then uses these measurements to regulate how much electricity can be used for charging. 
When the power consumption at the premises is low, Zaptec Sense will ensure that the charging speed is increased and vice versa. 


So, if there is little power available in the building, you can now charge your EV without the risk of overloading and power outages, or other installation costs such as construction contribution, fuse upgrade, and new transformer.  

Where does Zaptec Sense work?

All homes, shared housing, and commercial properties where the electricity supply capacity available for charging electric vehicles is limited.


Sense Generic and Sense HAN

We know that there are different types of e-meters out there so to ensure that all needs were met, we created two versions of the Zaptec Sense. 

  1. Sense Generic (APG) for installations without access to smart meter port (HAN/P1)
  2. Sense HAN (APH) for installations with an AMS. Plugged into the HAN(RJ-45) port. 
AMS stands for "Advanced Measurement Systems". The term is used for the new digital 
electricity meters, also referred to as smart meters. The smart meter continuously
measures how much electricity you use, and reports your consumption automatically
every hour so that you don't have to read the current yourself.


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