How to administrate access and authentication on a Zaptec Go

This guide shows you how to give access and administrate authentication on your Zaptec charger.

You need to have owner permission to be able to give access. 

You need to have user permission to be able to to start charging if authentication is required.  


In the Zaptec app:

  1. Under Home, tap the Key icon under the charger
  2. Tap + Give access to add users by email
  3. Choose the desired role by checking the corresponding box
  4. To restrict access to charger(s), turn on the toggle switch 

When authentication is enabled, the key icon will say Access - restricted instead of Access - Open.


You can also give access to the charger/installation from the Charger dashboard.

All you have to do is tap your installation and then tap Access. From there, just follow the easy steps we've outlined above and you'll be all set!


In the Zaptec Portal:

  1. Go Installations, and click on your installation
  2. Under Settings, click Authentication
  3. Select Internal authentication and enable the authentication required button 
  4. Then go to Permissions
  5. Add users by email to give access to the charger

Under the circuit tab you will now see a tiny man on the charge point which indicates that authentication is required. 



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