What do the different colour light on the Zaptec Pro charger mean?

The status of the charging station is shown by the status indicator using the following colours:


image__1_.png No light  Charging station has not been activated in the Zaptec Portal, no power from the power circuit, incorrect connection, or product fault. Check the serial protection in the distribution cabinet.
image__2_.png Blue Charging or connected to a vehicle and ready to charge
image__3_.png Green Charging complete / Authentication OK
image__4_.png Yellow Waiting for authorisation via app or NFC/RFID card. Or awaiting Zaptec Portal Vehicle added to queue.
image__6_.png Red

Error detected. Unplug vehicle and restart the charging station. If this does not clear the red light, contact your installer.

If it's flashing red it means that authentication failed. Check that the RFID tag/charging card is connected to your user profile. Authentication failed – Check in the Zaptec Portal that your user has access to charge on the charging station and/or installation concerned.

image__7_.png Purple Charger is currently performing a critical firmware update. This normally takes 3 minutes. Bluetooth is not available in this period. 
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