How to install Zaptec Pro (For installers)

Before you begin:

Please note that this guide is not a substitute for the installation manual. It's recommended to use the manual during installation. You can download the installation manual here.


Prepare installation in the Zaptec Portal 

  1. Start by adding the charger(s) to an installation in the Zaptec Portal to enable communication with the cloud. Click here for more information.
  2. To be able to add installations and charge points to the portal your Zaptec account needs to be added to a user group and have service access. To get this you need to undergo technical training to become a certified Zaptec partner/installer. Contact sales or our technical support for assistance.
  3. First-time installation? Reach out to technical support or your account manager for guidance.


Physical installation

Once the charger is added to the Zaptec Portal, proceed with on-site installation.

You'll need tools like an 8mm socket wrench, a 7mm socket wrench, a 4mm Allen key, and a
T10 Torx, in addition to the charging station and back plate.

  1. Mount the backplate on a flat surface.
  2. Connect wires according to the electrical system and test the installation with a multimeter.
  3. Remove the front cover and position the charger on the backplate.
  4. After mounting, switch on the power supply. The status indicator should light up yellow, turning green after 2-3 minutes.
  5. Note: When installing multiple Zaptec Pro chargers, remember that the circuit must supply power to all charging stations without going through any of the backplates. The backplates are not designed to handle currents higher than 40A. 






Configure charger in app 

The last step is to configure the charger in the Zaptec app. 

  1. In the Zaptec app; go to Home, tap on the three-dot icon, and then Configure products.
  2. Enter the PIN code and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the charger to network and configure the power grid.
  3. If the charging station doesn't come online, check that the network setup is following the network requirements in the chapter Internet and Network Requirements in the manual, or click here for more information.



Granting access to installation owner

Be sure to add the owner to the installation you created in the Zaptec Portal. 


Installation videos

For visual assistance, refer to the following videos:

Testing the charging station

How to remove and place the Zaptec Pro cover

Checking the internal fuse 

Authentication and registration of RFID tags


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