How to connect Zaptec Go to Wi-Fi

You can connect Zaptec Go to a Wi-Fi network in the Zaptec app. If the charger is not set up with a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically use the cellular network 4G LTE-M available.


Connect to Wi-Fi 

Inside the Zaptec app:

  1. From Dashboard, find your charger and tap the settings icon
  2. Go to Advanced settings and use the PIN code to connect via Bluetooth
  3. Scroll down to Network Settings 
  4. Tap Switch to Wi-Fi 
    A search screen is shown
  5. Find the network you want to use and fill in the password
  6. Tap Save

6.5-inch Screenshot 2 copy.png6.5-inch Screenshot 3 copy.png


You must be the installation owner to access the charger from the Dashboard. If you need to change the network settings without owner permission; tap the three-dot icon at the top left and tap Configure products. Use the PIN code to connect to the charger via Bluetooth. 


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