How to install Zaptec Go

This guide walks you through installing, configuring, and activating Zaptec Go*.
It complements the installation manual, which you can download here.

*Applies to Zaptec app v5.19.1 and higher.



  1. Physical Installation: Mount and connect Zaptec Go.
  2. Configuration: Configure the charger using the Zaptec app.
  3. Activation: Optionally activate the charger using the Zaptec app.

Note that Zaptec Go requires an upstream circuit breaker and a Type A RCD (30mA),
and remember; only certified installers can install the charger. 


Physical installation

Zaptec Go has built-in DC ground fault protection (6mA) but requires AC ground fault protection. Therefore, you must install a Type A RCD (30mA) in each circuit that supplies a Zaptec Go. 

  1. Mount the charging station: Remove the front cover and ensure the unit is straight and mounted at the appropriate height (recommended 0.9 m from the ground).         
  2. Connect the power cable: Use a power cable (max 6mm², strip 12mm of insulation) and connect it to the charger. Remove the terminal cover by pressing the retaining tab and pulling downwards. 
  3. Connect the wires: Secure wires by firmly pressing down all levers. Replace the terminal cover. For 3-phase IT grid installations, check if the car supports 3-phase IT charging.
    More information is available here.
  4. Turn on the circuit breaker: After connecting, the charger's status indicator turns orange, indicating it is ready to be configured in the Zaptec app. 

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How to configure Zaptec Go

  • Download the Zaptec app: Available on App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign in: Use your Zaptec-certified installer account. Signing in allows you to hand over the charger to the customer, add Zaptec Sense, and register the charger in the
    Zaptec Portal. Without signing in, only basic electrical configuration is possible. 

Configuration steps

  1. Tap the (⋯) symbol: Located at the top-right of the Dashboard, then tap Install a product.
  2. Select Zaptec Go and scan the QR code: Ensure the charger is powered on and Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
    Tip: The QR code is on the box, first page of the user manual, and inside the charger. Use the flashlight button to illuminate the QR code. If scanning fails, tap the (⋯) symbol on the right, then Select device from list, and choose the charger serial number.

  3. Install Zaptec Go: Tap Install Zaptec Go and enter the PIN if prompted to (can be found on the drilling sheet in the box or in the front of the user manual).

  4. Confirm the incoming electrical grid: Specify the country and grid type (TN or IT grid,
    1-phase or 3-phase). T
    he charger will automatically attempt to detect the appropriate grid type(s) for you, which will be shown as "Recommended".

  5. Provide grid connection details: Specify the number of phases (1 or 3) and phase rotation. Also, confirm the circuit breaker rating and maximum permissible charging current for the electrical circuit supplying the charger.


  6. Verify configuration: Check that the configuration is complete and the charger is operational (indicated by the white indicator light).

    Test it, then (optionally) tap Activate charger to proceed with customer handover and Zaptec registration. To ensure a seamless journey, we recommend completing the registration and customer handover now. You'll need the charger PIN and the owner's email. Or, if you want to activate later, tap Activate later from the (⋯) Dashboard menu whenever you're ready.



How to activate Zaptec Go 

Activation requirements: Charger PIN for security and owner's email address.

  1. Start activation: Begin activation from the summary screen by tapping Activate charger or from the (⋯) Dashboard menu. 
  2. Enter charger PIN: Find the charger PIN in the user manual or on the drilling sheet.
  3. Create a new installation: Provide basic location information (the street name will be used to identify the installation in the Zaptec Portal). Or, if the charger will share electrical power with an existing Zaptec Go, tap Link to an existing installation and choose the existing one.

    Note: Permission from the owner may be required if you can't find the existing installation. Ask them to give you access to the installation using your service partner Lookup Key.


  4. Enter the owner's email: To give the owner access to the new charger enter their email address (Ensure that the information is correct, as it cannot be changed later). The owner will get an email notification if they don't have a Zaptec account, or an app notification if they already have one. 
  5. Confirm service partner access: By default, it's your own Service Partner group. If you're installing on behalf of another Service Partner, invite them instead. Tap Partner and enter their Lookup Key.


  6. Name the charger: Give the charger a name or keep the default serial number.
  7. Finish: Tap Done. The charger is now registered and visible in the Zaptec Portal.


How to install multiple Zaptec Go chargers

You can install up to three Zaptec Go chargers per installation.

  • Requirements: Each Zaptec Go requires one circuit breaker and RCD Type A mounted in front, ensuring all circuit breakers for the charging circuits have the same rating. 
  • Communication: Chargers communicate via the cloud for seamless operation.
  • Configuration:
    • Follow the same configuration steps as those for a single charger. To enable load sharing when activating additional chargers, tap Link to an existing installation during activation step 3 and select the installation used by the initial charger
    • When rotating phases on a 3-phase installation, specify the incoming phase (L1, L2, or L3) connected to the phase 1 terminal on the charger via the Zaptec app during the configuration.

For more info about multi-installation, click here.


Installation video 

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