How to install Zaptec Go

This guide shows how to install and activate Zaptec Go. It is however not a copy of the installation manual and we recommend using the manual during setup.  Download the installation manual here.

  • The installation must be done by an authorized installer
  • Zaptec Go needs an upstream circuit breaker and RCD Type A. 


Physical installation

Zaptec Go has built-in protection against DC ground fault (DC protection 6mA), but there is a requirement that both the charger and circuit breaker is protected against AC ground fault. Therefore, you need to have en Type A earth fault circuit breaker mounted in front. 


1. Mount the charging station. Remove the front cover and make sure it's straight and at the appropriate height. Minimum 0,9 m from the ground. 


2. Connect the power cable (max 6mm2) to the charger. Carefully pull the terminal cover downwards to remove it. The cover is much easier to remove if you gently press on the retaining tab while pulling downwards. 


3. Connect all wires and firmly press down all levers. When the wires are safely attached, replace the terminal cover and turn on the circuit breaker.
If you are installing the charger on a 3-phase IT or TT gird ( 230V), be sure to check whether the car supports 3-phase charging or not. More information here.




4. Turn on the fuse. The status indicator will be orange.
This means it is ready to be configured in the app. 


Installation in Zaptec app

To configure the Zaptec Go you need to be in the Zaptec app, and follow these steps: 

  1. Tap Install a charging product
  2. If you are logged in, tap the three-dot symbol under Home, and tap Install product
  3. Scan the QR code located inside the charger and enter the PIN code if needed. Make sure to turn on your Bluetooth device. 

  Go_install_product.pngQR_code_scan_in_app_for_go.png Zaptec_Go_PIN_Code.png

3. Enter the installation details. Circuit breaker, maximum current, and phase rotation (Select which incoming phase (L1, L2, or L3) is connected to the phase 1 terminal)

4. Tap Save and hand the charger over to the customer.

Instalaltion_steps_go_in_app_1.png Go_installation_journy_complete_in_app.png


Want to check the installation before handing over the charger?

Use your Zaptec account to access settings from the app. From Home, tap the three-dot icon, click Configure product, and enter the PIN code. Now check that the charger is online, update the firmware if needed, and test the RCD as required. 

If you installed the charger with your Zaptec account, you will be able to access the charger in the Zaptec Portal after it has been registered by the owner. 

User setup in app 

Once an authorized electrician has finished the installation, the customer will be able to register and activate the charger in the Zaptec app. This should be done by the owner of the charger. 

If you, as the installer complete this step for the customer, make sure to give permission to the owner afterward. This can be done in the Zaptec app or Portal.

  1. Under Home, tap Add new
  2. Scan the QR code and enter your PIN code. This is found in the user manual
  3. Enter your address and name the charger. This is particularly important if you have more than one Zaptec Go.

When this is done, the charger will automatically be added to the Zaptec Portal. 


Go_user_new_address.png Go app setup complete user.png


Install multiple chargers 

You can install up to three Zaptec Go chargers per installation.

  • Each Zaptec Go requires one circuit breaker and RCD Type A mounted in front
  • The circuit breaker must be equal in value on installations with several chargers
  • The chargers will be able to communicate through the cloud

When rotating phases on a 3-phase installation, you must use the Zaptec app to specify which incoming phase (L1, L2, or L3) is connected to the phase 1 terminal on the charger. This can only be done via the Install Zaptec Go journey in the Zaptec app. 

Click here for more information. 


For the installer, the installation journey in the app is the same regardless of the number of chargers. 
It is the owner of the installation that will be able to connect additional chargers to the address. 

To do this the installation owner needs to be logged in in the Zaptec app: 

  1. Under Chargers, tap Add new
  2. Scan the QR code on the Zaptec Go charger to start connecting the second charger
  3. Link the charging station to an existing address in the app
  4. If you are adding a third charger, repeat from step 1





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