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Zaptec Portal is the brain behind our smart charging infrastructure. It continuously monitors, balances, and optimises the load between the various charging stations.

To use the Portal you'll need a Zaptec account. If you haven't created an account yet, you can do so by clicking on Sign Up and following the prompts.



Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to the Dashboard. This is the main page of the Zaptec Portal, and it provides you with an overview of your chargers and charging activity.


You can access your profile in the top right. Click on your name for the drop-down menu.
From here you can: 

  • View account settings
  • Add charge cards
  • Enable notifications
  • Read terms and conditions
  • Get support
  • Log out

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All installations, private or business, will be listed under the Installations tab.

If you have service access, you will also be able to add installations. 


Once you click on an installation, you´ll be taken to the installation dashboard. 

From here you can:

  • Add/Edit installations
  • Add/edit/Delete circuit and charge points
  • View and download charge reports
  • Enable authentication/ 3rdparty integrations
  • Give permissions

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Chargers; any Zaptec charger that you have access to will be available here, and are searchable from the search tab. You can also see the charger's serial number, your role, and the PIN code.



To view more detailed information about a particular charging station, click on the charger to open it in Portal. This will take you to the charger dashboard, where you can see "Settings", "Status", "Charge statistics", "Charge history", and "Permissions". 


From Settings you can: 

  • Find PIN code
  • Adjust min and max current 
  • Update firmware
  • Enable authentication
  • Lock cable to charging station
  • Set status indicator birghtness
  • Restart charger

From Status you can: 

  • View internet status and signal strength
  • View allocated and offline current during a charging
  • View internal temperature
  • View charger operation mode

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Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 12.13.23.png

Charge history 

The charge history page will show you how much each charger on-site used. You can view the total energy consumption in a line or a bar chart. 

Click on the charger to get a more detailed overview of each charge point.

If you want to see charging statistics or download a report you can find this on the installation, under Charge Report and Charge Statistics. Read more here. 




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