Can I use Eco Mode if I have Zaptec Sense?

In theory, yes, but if you ask us what we recommend, the answer is no. Let us explain:


When Zaptec Sense and Eco Mode are used simultaneously in a home installation, Zaptec Sense will ensure that the fuse is not overloaded, while Eco-Mode will ensure that the charger activates charging when it is cheapest.

However, for this to work, it presupposes that there is available capacity throughout the entire planned charging session. This means that if Zaptec Sense detects that there is no available charging power during the same period, it will block Eco Mode charging either completely or partially. This results in the car not reaching full charge within the specified time.

This issue is most relevant on days when the electricity price is low while household consumption is high. To put it another way, if you use a lot of power during affordable hours, your car might not be able to charge. This happens because you've already used up all the power planned for that period.


Currently, Zaptec can only control the charger, not the power used in the rest of the house. However, we are working on a solution to improve communication between Eco Mode and Zaptec Sense.

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