How to add a Zaptec key (RFID/ NFC- tag)

If you want to start charging using an RFID/NFC tag instead of the app, you can easily register one on your user account in the Zaptec app or Zaptec Portal. 

You don't need a separate tag for this; you can use a tag you already have, such as the one for your front door or laundry room. ID06 and credit cards also works well.

Please note that the chargers read tags using the Mifare Classic protocol, the most common protocol for RFID and NFC.


How to add charge key in the Zaptec app

  1. Go to Account at the bottom right, and tap Zaptec Key
  2. Then tap + Add Zaptec Key
  3. Hold your phone up to the charger to connect, or choose your charger from the list
  4. Name your tag and tap Next
  5. Hold the tag up to the charger and wait for a "beep"
  6. Registration is now complete, and you can manage your tags under Zaptec Keys

You can add as many tags as you want to your account, and they will work where you have permission to charge.

My account .pngAdd Zaptec Key.png


How to add charge key in the Zaptec Portal

  1. Logg into the Zaptec Portal and go to My Profile in the top right corner (desktop)
  2. Click Add Charge Card or click on 
  3. Enter the name and code of your charge card
  4. Click Save

You can choose the name yourself, but the code will in most cases be printed on the back of the card. When using the Zaptec app to register a card the code will automatically be added when you scan the card. 

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