How to add a Zaptec key (RFID/ NFC- tag)

At Zaptec, we offer the convenience of registering RFID/NFC tags for charging, providing an alternative to using our app as authentication. Here's how to register one through the Zaptec app or Zaptec Portal.

  • You don't need a separate tag for this; you can use one you already have, such as the one for your front door or laundry room. ID06 and credit cards are also compatible options.
  • Please note: that the chargers read tags using the Mifare Classic protocol, which is the most common protocol for RFID and NFC.


How to add charge key in the Zaptec app

  1. Open the Zaptec app, go to your Account at the bottom right, then select Zaptec Key.
  2. Tap + Add Zaptec Key.
  3. Hold your phone near the charger to connect or choose your charger from the list.
  4. Name your tag, tap Next, and hold the tag near the charger until you hear the confirmation "beep". 
  5. Registration is now complete, and you can manage your tags under Zaptec Keys. You can add as many tags as you want to your account, and they will work wherever you have permission. 

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How to add a charge key in the Zaptec Portal

Adding key in the My Profile section:

  1. Log in to the Zaptec Portal and go to My Profile located in the top right corner (desktop).
  2. Click on Add Charge Card or the (+) symbol.
  3. Enter the name and code of your charge key. You can choose the name yourself, but typically, the code is printed on the back of the card. If using the Zaptec app to register, the code will automatically be added when you scan the card. 
  4. Click Save to complete the process. 

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Adding key during user invitation process (Available for new accounts only):

  1. Go to the Installation tab in the Zaptec Portal. 
  2. Select Permission.
  3. Click + Give Permission.
  4. Enter the email address of the user you're inviting. 
  5. Check the checkbox to send the invitation and choose the user roles.
  6. Click + Add charge card and input the charge card codes (multiple codes can be added separated by commas).

Please note: It's only possible to add charge keys to new email addresses/accounts that you invite and are not yet registered. If the account already exists, this user has to log in and link the charge cards themselves. This is due to privacy laws prohibiting linking data to existing accounts afterward.

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