Installing Zaptec Sense and Xemex P1-adapter

This guide shows how to install the Zaptec Sense and Xemex P1-adapter.


Physical installation

In the package, you´ll get a Zaptec Sense, a custom Micro USB cable, an adhesive magnet sheet, and double-sided tape.

It also includes a Xemex P1MB Module, RJ-12 cable, and 5V DC DIN rail power supply.

Zaptec-Sense-GEN-+-P1 (1).png

  1. Mount the power supply and Xemex P1 adapter on the DIN rail.
  2. Connect the Zaptec Sense to the modules using the custom Micro USB cable.
  3. The white and green wires goes to the Xemex module. 
  4. Red [V+], black [V-] & brown [V-] connect to the power supply.
  5. Plug the included communication cable from Xemex RJ12 port into the Smart Meter/e-meter RJ12 P1 Port. 

Please note that the Xemex module is powered by the Smart Meter and additional Power
Supply for Xemex is not needed.


Configuration in Zaptec app

After installation, the Zaptec Sense must be configured in the Zaptec app.

  1. Go to Home, and tap the three-dot icon at the top-right.
  2. Tap Install product, and scan the QR code.
  3. Choose a network, find the fuse size, and verify the meter connection.
  4. Add to installation or pair with a charger, then tap Great.

6.5-inch Screenshot 3 copy.png6.5-inch Screenshot 1.png

6.5-inch Screenshot 2.pngApp. Sense pari with installation.png


Zaptec Sense supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. For Ethernet, connect the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port.

If Zaptec Sense loses internet connectivity or is disconnected, the charging station will be set to provide minimum power (6A). Minimum power can be changed in the Zaptec portal.

To adjust network settings after installation: hold your mobile phone near the Zaptec Sense device, open the Zaptec app, and tap the three-dot icon to configure.


Light indicator

mceclip1.png Not configured. No internet connection. Log in via the Zaptec app and set up a Wi-Fi network. For Ethernet: Log in via Zaptec app to activate Ethernet or check Ethernet cable connection
orange:white 5 dots.png No Modbus data received
2 orange dots.png No IP Received for either Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 07.56.09.png IP received, but no contact with cloud
  image (1).png Zaptec Sense is configured and active


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