Getting Started with the Zaptec API


Getting Started

To begin using the Zaptec API, you first need two things

  • A Zaptec account (Create one here)
  • Access to a Zaptec charger or Installation

Once you have an account and access to a charger, you can test interacting with your charger using the Zaptec API.

The list of available endpoints for the Zaptec API are here



The amount of information returned or level of control you have with the charger or installation depends on what permission you have on that Installation / Charger.

Details on the Zaptec permission types are here


Further Documentation

For a detailed walkthrough on our Zaptec API, please see our integration guide here

A full overview of our Integration guides are here


Finding your Installation ID or Charger ID

To find your Zaptec installation or charger ID to test an API method, visit the Zaptec Portal

Installation ID


Charger ID

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