OCPP Reserve Now and Zaptec



Zaptecs OCPP cloud solution supports the Reservation feature profile outlined in Section 5.13 of the OCPP 1.6J documentation. This is support for the Reservation of a Charge Point.

Reserve Now

Some Zaptec specific behaviour apply to the chargers:

  • Reserve Now will only work for online chargers
  • Reserved state will not be indicated on the charger - this is on the roadmap for future updates.
  • Reserved state will not be indicated in Zaptec Portal or app - this feature is available for CPO's and is available using the state.

Other Information

The following deviations from the OCPP standard will occur due to how our chargers interact:

  • Zaptec do not support parent idTag
  • Zaptec chargers only have a single connector so we will omit supporting ReserveConnectorZeroSupported configuration key.
  • Zaptec does not support the authorization cache.


For more information, please refer to the OCPP documentation. 

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