How to create a Zaptec account

The Zaptec app is a great tool for monitoring and managing your charger. 
Download the Zaptec app from App Store or Google Play. 

Once your authorised electrician has finished the installation, you can create your Zaptec user account and register your charger. Login is the same as for the Zaptec Portal. 

  1. Fill in the required fields First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Country
  2. Tap Create account 
  3. Activate your account by opening the activation link sent to your e-mail
  4. You may now log in with your new account




Are you an installer?

We recommend creating a Zaptec account before installing the Zaptec chargers. As a Zaptec Installer, your account should also be added to a User Group. Being a part of your company's User Group will give you access to creating Zaptec Pro installations and more.

Please note: To get a user group you need to complete the Zaptec Certification course. If you have already completed the course but do not have a user group, please contact your TAM or Zaptec Technical support. 

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