How to add your charger in the Zaptec app

When you log in to the Zaptec app you will be able to see your chargers and installations. If you do not have access to your charger, you will need to add the product or be given access to it, depending on your Zaptec charger. 



Zaptec Go

You can add your charger from the dashboard once your authorized electrician has finished the installation. Click Add product > scan the QR code on the Zaptec Go, then fill in your address and name your charger. Step-by-step guide: here.


Zaptec Pro

The charger needs to be added to an installation in the Zaptec Portal. As this is a part of the installation process it will usually be done by an authorized electrician. If you want to manage the Zaptec Pro in the app, ask the installation owner to give you access.
Step-by-step guide: here.

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