How to activate Eco Mode

You can activate Eco Mode in the Zaptec app or Zaptec Portal. This will affect all charging stations connected to your installation.  Remember that power usage on distance can vary by vehicles and outside temperatures.

  1. Under Chargers, go to Zaptec Services, and tap Eco Mode
  2. Enter your usual departure time, how much energy (kWh) you need, and your price zone
  3. Tap Activate 

The next time you start charging the charger will light up green. In the app, you can see that charging may be scheduled to start at a later time. 

If you want to start a session before the scheduled time you can tap Start charging under Home in the app. To pause/stop a session, tap Pause charging.

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More information on Eco Mode and how it works is in the Eco Mode article. 

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