How to activate Stand Alone mode

Imagine Stand-alone mode as a Band-Aid for your charger—a quick fix for those moments when things aren't quite right. Remember, it's a temporary fix and not a permanent solution. Once the issue is sorted out, switch it off and bring your charger back online.

When your charging station is in Stand-alone mode, it's operating independently. That means some of its smart features, like integrations, and load-and-phase balancing, take a break. To keep everything running smoothly and safely, it's important that you adjust the current settings.

If not adjusted properly, there's a risk of the vehicle drawing more power than the fuse can handle. To regain full power and functionality, simply switch off Stand-alone mode. We really don't want you staying in stand-alone mode longer than necessary!


Activate Stand Alone in the Zaptec app

If you're experiencing issues with your charger, you can try to activate stand-alone mode temporarily. Note: To do this in the app you have to be close to the charging station as it connects via Bluetooth.

  1. On the Dashboard page, find your charger and tap the toggle wheel.
  2. Tap Advanced Settings and connect to the charger via Bluetooth.
  3. Activate Stand-alone mode by tapping the toggle switch.
  4. Use the slider to set your preferred current based on need and installation settings. 
  5. Don't forget to tap Save to keep your changes.
  6. To disable the mode, simply tap the toggle switch so it turns grey. All smart features will be activated again.


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Activate Stand Alone in the Zaptec Portal

  1. Go to the Chargers tab.
  2. Choose your charger or search for it using the search tab.
  3. In the Settings tab, check the box for Stand-alone mode to activate it.
  4. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Note that the stand-alone phase and current must be configured directly on the charger using the Zaptec app. It is not possible to inspect or change these settings from the portal, and settings may differ from the chargers currently allocated phase and current.

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Lowering Current Settings

When you enable stand-alone mode, your charger won't be managed by Zaptec. That means that functions like integrations, load-and phase-balancing won't be operational in this mode.
To keep things safe and avoid any overloading, adjust the current settings on your charger.

Just use the slider to set your preferred current.

Not sure what settings to dial in? Reach out to your electrician or contact our support.

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Remember, stand-alone mode is just a quick fix. Get your charger back online when you can.

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