Zaptec Key

A Zaptec Key is a way to authenticate your user towards the charging station and "unlock" the charging station in order to start charging.

Zaptec Key uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or NFC. (NearFieldCommunication)


Registration and use of Zaptec Key 

Registration in the app, portal, or payment operator.


Do I need to use a Zaptec Key?

RFID chips or apps must be used if authorization is enabled on the facility. The RFID chip must be linked to your user in order to start charging. Access is granted by the installation owner or by the payment operator.

However, you don't necessarily need Zaptec's key. There are several manufacturers and most work fine.

Which RFID chip does the charging station support?

Zaptec supports NFC/RFID standard: MIFARE Classic, type A.

It is the most common standard for RFID chips and NFC charging cards.


Do I need a Zaptec Key when the app can be used?

No, it's only an option if a phone isn't available.


Lost Zaptec Key

If a Zaptec key or RFID chip is lost, the safest thing will be to log in to the portal or in the app and delete it.


Payment operator

When using a payment operator, user profiles and RFID chips must be registered in the current system with the payment service. When the charging system is used with a payment service, it is the payment service that controls access and start of charging. Therefore, the use of Zaptec app for starting charging is waived.


Multiple RFID chip's on the same user

There are no restrictions on how many RFID chips are associated with the user.

The charging consumption can be sorted according to which RFID chip that is used for charging.


How can I buy a Zaptec Key?

Contact your installer 🙋🏼‍♂️


RFID chip does not start charging

If the RFID chip does not start charging, there is probably a connection with the:

  1. RFID chip is not registered on your profile
  2. Your user profile does not have access to perform charging
  3. The charging system uses a payment solution and you`re not registered
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