4G LTE-M Connection

Zaptec Pro and Zaptec Go are supplied with 4G LTE-M eSIM, as standard, and will connect to the network automatically when they are powered up.
The 4G LTE-M eSIM is built-in into the device and is not user replaceable.

Note! You cannot share the LTE network with other chargers. 



The charger needs to be in an area with 4G LTE -M coverage for this to work. The Telenor 4G LTE-M network will normally have coverage in all areas that would not normally have regular 4G coverage, but the base station has to be equipped to broadcast LTE -M. 

We recommend testing the signal with a test device, or a Zaptec charger with 4G activated.
Alternatively, check a coverage map provided by the operator.
General IoT coverage info can be found here: https://www.gsma.com/iot/deployment-map/

The chargers can operate on 4G LTE-M only (CAT-M1). We are exploring support for 4G NB-IoT, which will provide better coverage in the UK. We do not plan to support 2G/3G. 


4G coverage in the UK

In the UK, 4G -LTE -M coverage is not complete, with about half the country being covered today.

You can check the signal at your location here.



  • Try to position charging stations so that these will have the best possible positions for mobile communication.
  • Avoid positioning them in places where objects may affect coverage.
  • Test the coverage in a variety of situations, such as with the garage door open/closed.





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