Create a Zaptec Pro installation in Zaptec Portal

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding a new installation in the Zaptec Portal.

Only Zaptec technicians and service partners can add installations in the Portal. If your company is a new partner, please contact your sales representative or reach out to Zaptec Support.

Add installation details 

  1. Log in with your user profile at
  2. Go to Installations at the top of the page and click + Add installation
  3. Fill in the form shown below and then click Add

    Name: Give the installation a name
    Address: The address of the installation’s physical location
    Category: Community Housing, Business, Private or Public 
    Country: The country of the installation physical location
    Network type: Choose the appropriate power grid for the location of the charging system
    Charging system circuit breaker (A): The max current that the installation can use for charging 

    Portal- Add installation.png

Add Circuits 

  1. Under Installations, click on the Circuits tab 
  2. Click + Add circuit
  3. Enter the circuit name and circuit breaker value (A). You can reduce the value (A) to avoid fully loading the upstream overcurrent protection breaker
  4. Click Save

    Portal- add circuit.png


Optional steps

  • Edit circuit: Click on the pencil at the top of the circuit illustration
  • Delete circuit: Click on the trashcan at the top of the circuit illustration.  

Please note that deactivating a circuit without removing active charging stations first will "lock" the serial numbers until Zaptec Support manually removes them.



Add charge point

  1. Under Circuits, click on the + symbol under the correct circuit 
  2. Enter the serial number and name of the charging station. We recommend using parking spot numbers, apartment numbers, or similar identifiable naming practices.
  3. Click Add 

    Portal- add pluss sign.png Portal- add charge point.png

Once the charger has been added, you can customize its settings and configure it to your preferences. You can also view the charging history and monitor the status of the charger from the Zaptec Portal.

If a charge point has been deactivated, you can choose to show or hide the charge point by selecting the Show deactivated charge point box located in the lower-left corner of the screen. 



Give permission  

Once you are done creating the installation you need to give the owner access to the charging system.

There are 3 different types of permissions available: Users, Owners, and Service.
The installation owner should be provided with the "Owner access", but can also have User permission for access to charging. 

  1. Under installations, click Permissions and then Give permission.
  2. Enter the owners e-mail address and click Search to display the results. The owner must have a Zaptec account to be given permission.
  3. Ensure that the checkbox is toggled on against the correct user to provide the relevant permission.
  4. Click Next and then Save.

You have now successfully given Owner permission to the facility owner 👍


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