Type 1 and 2 plugs

Everyone charging their EV must take the charging cable into consideration. “Type” is a common denominator on different plugs that are used for AC charging (home charging).


The plug you need is dependent on what vehicle you have. The charging plugs are of different shape and form, so it is easy to differentiate between the types.


Type 1


Supports 1-phase charging and will give a max effect of 7,4kW (32A). Mainly this plug is required on older cars (before 2018), and some Asian and American car models, where Type 1 is fabric standard.


Type 2


This is the standard plug for the European market. The Type 2 plug is developed for the 400V electrical grid but is also compatible with a 230V electrical grid.


Type 2 supports both 1-phase and 3-phase charging, and have the capacity to handle an effect from 3,7kW (16A, 1-phase) up to 22kW (32A, 3-phase).



When we talk about Type 1 and Type 2, we only refer to the plug on the charging cable. The cable itself comes with different capacities. The capacity of the cable decides the speed (kWh) you are charging your car with.


Zaptec offers charging cables that are compatible with all charging stations that have a Type 2 plug.

Cable length: 7.5 meter

Cable capacity: 32A, 1-phase or 3-phase.

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