Roles and permissions

This article explains the three different roles available for your Zaptec account.

User, Owner, and Service role.

For Zaptec Pro, there are access levels on a charger or an installation. On Zaptec Go, there are only roles on the installation, as they are combined.



  • Permission to charge when authentication is required
  • Can see the charge history for all sessions registered on their own account
  • Can view which installations/chargers the user has been assigned
  • Does not provide an overview of the installation / charging station



Owner of charging station 

  • Required to manage access, monitor status, and view user data
  • Permission to change settings and access usage data
  • Can view all charge history on the charger, but not the installation
  • More features available in Zaptec Portal and Zaptec app


Owner of installation

  • Permission to change most settings, access usage data and give other users permission to the installation. 
  • Awarded to users who are set to manage facilities and act as a point of contact with the installer
  • View the charge history for the entire installation
  • Create charge reports, which will enable you to distribute the cost related to charging
  • Manage permissions
  • Set authentication
  • Upgrade firmware
  • Subscribe to warning emails
  • Enable power management functions 
  • The role does not allow you to change technical settings for either systems or charging stations



  • Permission to change technical settings. This role is only intended for certified service partners.
  • Required for the installer to be able to keep track of technical settings for systems/charging stations
  • Create new installations
  • Add new chargers
  • Enable power management functions
  • Manage technical settings on installations and chargers
  • Service permission is limited to authorized installers and service partners



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