Charge history and reports from Zaptec Portal

This article contains information about consumption, charger report and charging history.

The display and availability of certain functions will depend on how the charging system is set up, as well as what access your user account has in Zaptec Portal.


Charge history

All charge sessions performed on chargers connected to the Zaptec Portal is registered under charging history.

The charging history forms the basis for the charging report, which can be sorted based on various selection criteria; Time period, charging stations, user profiles etc.


Who has access to see charge history?

  • Users can get an overview of their own charging consumption.
  • Owners can see the charging history of their charging station.
  • The system owner can view the consumption on all charging stations in the system, and print a charging report.


Charge report

A charge report is an overview of the consumption in an installation over a given period, based on the consumption from each charger in the system. As a system owner, you can ensure a fair distribution of costs using the report available in the Zaptec Portal.


The following charging reports can be retrieved:

  • Consumption based on charging station
  • Consumption based on user
  • Consumption based on RFID tag/charging card

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 10.19.40.png

All charge reports can be exported to excel.



I can not retrieve charger reports

The reasons may be as follows:

  1. There is no charging history associated with the installation yet. Click on the Charging History tab in Zaptec Portal for an overview of any charge sessions.
  2. There is a charging history associated with the installation but the date listed in the charging report is not correct. Click on the Charging History tab in Zaptec Portal for an overview of any charge sessions. f the charger was offline during the charge session, the actual date of charging may deviate from the date registered under the Charging History.


Charger report does not show the same as on the electricity meter / invoice

All charging stations log and register the power that is consumed by the vehicle from each individual charging station.


The system only shows what is consumed by the vehicle, not the overall power consumption on electricity meter. If there are other devices / loads that are connected to the same electricity meter, this will be registered on the electricity meter, but not on the charger report.

The standby power consumption of the charging station is approx. 4 kWh (per month).


The charging system was offline last month, and no charge sessions have been registered.

The charging stations still work if they are offline for longer periods, but it could affect the date / time when you look at the charging history afterwards.


The following icons appear under the Charging History tab in Zaptec Portal for offline charging:

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.25.11.pngIf this icon appears in the charge history list it means that the charge session happened while the charging station was offline. Even if the charging was performed offline, the date/time in the list on the Charging History tab is correct.
The charging report will still register the charge on that date and time when the charging stations got the network back.


Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.40.57.pngIf this icon appears in addition to the one above, it means that the charger was disconnected from the internet during a session, and where the date/time is unlikely to be correct. 
The charging station has been disconnected for a long time, and the internal memory of the charging station has become full.
The charging station needs internet to be able to set the correct date and time.


How do I see what the different residents have used?

In Zaptec Portal, a system owner can get an overview of the charging consumption of each user in the system.

You can use the Zaptec Portal to retrieve an overview of the charging history and calculate what each individual will pay based on the charging report.

Each user can also see their own charging history depending on the user role they have been given to the charging system.


Why can I not generate a charging report for all active charging stations in the system?

A charging report will only provide data for the charging stations that have had an active charge session in the selected period.


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