Start and stop charging

Follow this quick guide for how to start and stop charging with the Zaptec app.

☝️ If a 3rd party is integrated at the installation or charge point these steps do not apply.  


Start and stop charging - Public Access

If authentication is not required at the charge point, charging will start automatically when the vehicle is connected to the charger. Once you do that you will see your charging screen in the Zaptec app. There, you will be able to follow an estimation of how many kWh your car has charged.

To end charging, just disconnect the vehicle or tap Pause charging. If you wish to resume charging at a later point you can tap Resume charging.

💡 The status indicator light will start flashing blue when charging has started and switch to green when charging is complete. On Zaptec Go the light will be white when the car is fully charged. 

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Start and stop charging - Restricted Access

If internal authentication is required to use the charger, users must identify themselves before charging is allowed, either by using a registered charge card or by using the Zaptec app. You will be able to start and pause charging in the Zaptec app after authentication is accepted, regardless of identification type.

To start charging in the Zaptec app

  1. Under Home, find your charger in the dashboard
  2. Tap Authenticate if you wish to use your phone for authorization. Hold your phone up against the Zaptec device to connect to it. Please note that the Authentication button will not be visible when the car is not connected
  3. When authorization is complete charging will start and the light will switch to blue

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To end or pause the charging session, just tap Pause charging.  If you wish to start or resume charging at a later point you can do this by tapping Start charging again. You do not need to authenticate again when resuming a session. 

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Start and stop charging - Eco Mode 

If you want to start a session before the scheduled time you can tap Start charging under Home in the app. To pause/stop a session, tap Pause charging.

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