3- to 1 phase balancing – Zaptec Pro

Zaptec chargers which support dynamic phase balancing ensures the most efficient use of energy when charging. The technology will distribute the available energy between the connected cars, and balance the power on each phase.


3 to 1- phase switch current

The 3 to 1-phase switch current function is used to set a limit for the switch from 3 to 1-phase charging.


Log into the Zaptec Portal, go to “Settings” and then “Power Management”.

☝️ Requires owner permission of an installation.


Example: If two cars are charging on an installation with 32A available, with an allocated current of 16A each, both cars will experience 3-phase charging. If a third car connects, the available current will be reduced and the system will  switch from 3- to 1-phase. If the switch current was set to 10A in this case, all three cars would get 3-phase charging.

☝️ If any of the cars in the example does not support 3- phase charging, keeping the setting at the standard 15A is more efficient, as they would get 32A 1-phase each.



Note! Not all cars are capable of handling 3-phase charging on an IT electrical grid (Norway).


Max phases

This function in the Zaptec Portal is used to limit max phases.

You can change the Max Phase setting in the Portal, under the Settings tab on the charger. 
E.g. If a car cannot handle 3-phase charging on an IT electrical grid, this setting can be used to limit max phases to “1”, and the charging station will never offer 3-phase charging.


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