How to move or remove charger from Zaptec Portal

In this article, you will find the steps on how to remove a charger from Zaptec Portal. Use this guide if you want to:

  • Move a charger from one installation to another 
  • Have added the charger to the wrong installation or circuit
  • or remove the charger from Zaptec Portal


In order to remove the charger from a charge point do the following steps:

  1. Enter the Zaptec Portal, go to the installation, and click on the charger you want to remove.
  2. Click on the "Active" button so the green field turns yellow, press "Save"
  3. In order to delete the serial number completely, scroll up again, and remove the serial number from the field, press "Save" again. The field will then looks like this: 

☝️If this was a defective Pro charger and the charger just should be replaced with a new one you just add the new serial number in the empty field and press Save, then scroll up and click on the Active button. When you do this all the information and settings from the previous charger will be the same (like charging history and accesses). 

☝️ If you are going to move the charger to another installation in Portal be sure to note the serial number so that you remember it for later. 


Moving charger to another installation

Start by deleting and deactivating the serial number from the current charge point. If you have not done this, please follow the steps above. 

You can now remove and relocate the charger to another installation. 

  1. Find or create the installation to where you want to move the charger. Remember to add the charger to the correct circuit.

  2. Add a new charge point by clicking on the  + icon under circuits. Fill in the saved serial number (and charge point name), and then press "Add" 👇

          Pluss_sign_in_portal.png          Add_charge_point_.png



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