Scheduled Power Control

With scheduled power control you can create an hourly schedule for available power at the installation. Think about it as opening hours for charging! 


Note: It's only the owner or a service partner that can activate the function in Zaptec Portal.

The function is only available in the Zaptec Portal, but we are working on getting it in the app. 


What is Scheduled Power Control? 

This function is a semi-dynamic solution that allows you to control the available current of the installation based on an hourly schedule.

You can use this to limit the total available power during peak hours or to create an optimal power management system to ensure that the building does not exceed its power quota.


For public installations, such as shopping centers, this solution can be used to create a simple opening hour for charging. In this way, you can ensure that there is no available power after the facility is closed. 

It can also separate weekdays from weekends so that there are two different hourly schedules.



It is most functional if the user has an idea of the active load in the building or on the power grid, this way the scheduled power control can be better adapted and timed to reduce the available power during the peak hours of the weekdays and weekends.

Alternatively, it can follow the "general" charging pattern and situation over time, in order to observe, calculate and perform an estimate of available power needed or needed to reduce to obtain better power management.



How to activate Scheduled Power Control

Note: The scheduled power control function is available for installation owners and service partners in the applicable installation in the cloud solution, Zaptec Portal. This ensures that no unauthorised personnel adjusts or incorrectly sets the schedule.

  1. Log in to the Zaptec Portal and find the Installations tab

  2. Go to Settings and choose Power management 

  3. Scroll down and check the box for Scheduled Power Control

  4. Select the hour from which you want to reduce, and enter the reduced value in Ampere. Notice that the entire installation will be reduced to this value. 

  5. Then you select the hour to which you want to reduce, and enter the desired value in Ampere. Which will be available after and up to this hour.

  6. Remember that the value set for "Charging system circuit breaker (A)" is the maximum available power on the installation. 

☝️ If you want to have another schedule for the weekend this must be set the same way as mentioned above. 


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