What do the different color lights on the Zaptec Go mean?

image__1_.png No light  Check charger power 
image__1_.png White  Standby. Charging complete
image__2_.png Blue Charging 
image__3_.png Green Charging is paused or waiting for scheduled start either because of Eco Mode, lack of power (Sense), scheduled power control ect
image__4_.png Yellow Waiting for authorization via app or NFC/RFID card.
image__5_.png Orange Charging station is ready to be configured by installer.
image__6_.png Red Error detected. Unplug vehicle and restart the charging station. If this does not clear the red light, contact your installer.
image__7_.png Purple Charger is currently performing a critical firmware update. This normally takes 3 minutes. Bluetooth is not available in this period. 




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