UK Smart Charging

UK legislation requirements

The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 came into force on 30th June 2022, with further security-related requirements from 30th December 2022. The legislation applies to any non-public electric vehicle charge point rated at <50kW that is sold in England, Wales and Scotland.

Regulations 5 to 11 of the legislation specify how charge points must provide smart charging functionality. Regulation 12 of the legislation specifies how charge points must ensure the security of the smart charging functionality ("Schedule 1").


How to use UK Smart Charging features

If your charger supports UK Smart Charging, then you can find out how to set your preferred charging schedule in this article: Using the UK Smart Charging features.


Zaptec statement of compliance

Zaptec Go (UK 7kW) variants with serial number ZGB000533 or higher are fully compliant with regulations 5 through to 12, provided they are used in conjunction with one of the following versions of the Zaptec app:

  • Zaptec App for iOS version 5.7.2 or higher (released February 2023)
  • Zaptec App for Android version 5.8.3 or higher (released February 2023)

All other Zaptec charge points are compliant with regulations 5 through to 11, provided they have the following firmware version:

  • Zaptec Go: firmware version or higher (released 14th September 2022)
  • Zaptec Pro: firmware version or higher (released 24th October 2022)

To ensure compliance, it is necessary for installers to select “United Kingdom” in the Zaptec App when installing Zaptec products. In addition, the installed firmware version must be checked for compliance and, if necessary, updated to a compliant version. It will then be possible to select "United Kingdom" under the charger Advanced Settings in the app. This will require the following version of the Zaptec App:

  • Zaptec App version 5.4.5 or higher (released September 2022)

If you have installed a non-compliant charger since 30th June 2022 and were unable to upgrade the firmware to a compliant version, then please raise a support ticket via Zaptec support staff will then arrange for the necessary firmware upgrade to be applied.

For details of compliance with Regulation 12, please see the article UK Smart Charging cyber security (Schedule 1).

The current statement of compliance for Zaptec Go and Zaptec Pro can be downloaded from the links below. 

A summary of any relevant Enforcement Undertaking can be downloaded from the link below. Full details of Enforcement Undertakings are published by OPSS here:

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