Save money with Automatic Power Limiter (Norway Only)

The Automatic power limitation is a value-added service for Norwegian Home installations with Sense. It helps you control the capacity level of the effect tariff (introduced in Norway July 1, 2022) by ensuring that charging does not contribute to exceeding the limit of your choice. 

☝️ Keep in mind that we can only limit the power usage for charging, other aspects of your home may contribute to exceeding your capacity limit. 

To learn more about how to manage Zaptec Sense and its other added features, click here.  


Activating the feature

To find and activate this feature, log into the Zaptec Portal here and navigate to your Power management settings for your Zaptec Go Installation. This will soon be available during installation in the Zaptec app.  



This is where your Zaptec Sense or APM is configured. At the bottom of this page, you will find the Automatic Power Limitation settings.



To activate this feature along with your Zaptec Sense or APM, use the drop-down menu to specify a capacity level bracket in kW. The available capacity bracket options will vary depending on the size of your main fuse. 

Choose between:
2-5 kW , 5-10 kW, 10-15 kW or 15-20 kW

Keep in mind that the bracket will limit the available charging current for the installation. 
E.g. If the main fuse is 63A and you choose the bracket 5-10kW the effective current limit will be set to 25.1 A instead of 63A. Meaning that it will never be more than 25.1A allocated for EV charging at the installation. 


When you have chosen a bracket this message will pop under Main Fuse (A) in Portal:  

The function will also be visible in the graph like so. The green line shows he capacity level bracket and is based on the chosen capacity level bracket. 


Deactivate the feature

To deactivate the Automatic Power Limiter, simply select ‘No limit’ as your capacity bracket. 

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