Troubleshooting Zaptec Sense

Are you experiencing issues with setup or while using Zaptec Sense? Maybe some of these troubleshooting tips will help. Use the table of contents on the right. 

When experiencing problems with the Zaptec Sense start by checking the indicator light on the module. Use the guide in the user manual to find out what it means. If this does not help go through the following steps: 

  1. Is the HAN port open?
  2. Is it connected to the internet? 
  3. Does the values in the Portal settings match the IRL installation?
  4. Main fuse over 63A? If so, is the scaling factor correct? 
  5. What type of AMS is this? Maybe it needs an external power supply.  
  6. Is this an IT installation? If so, check if there is enough power on two phases. 
  7. Is the charger wired correctly? 


Not able to contact Sense via Zaptec app

If you are in the installation process and aren't able to get any contact with the Sense in the app, please check the following things: 

  • The Zaptec app has Bluetooth access 
  • You have the latest app version. 
  • The HAN port has been opened by the grid company
  • Try to disconnect Zaptec Sense from the e-meter, wait 1 min, and reconnect.  

You can also try to disconnect Zaptec Sense from the e-meter, wait 1 min, and reconnect.  



The Sense is offline 

Zaptec Sense is dependent on an internet connection to communicate with the Zaptec Portal. 
If Zaptec Sense goes offline it will look like this in the portal and the current will drop down to the minimum current setting (on the charger) to avoid tripping any circuit breakers.


We have experienced two different reasons that may cause Sense to go offline. 
A: Zaptec Sense is not configured in the Zaptec app

B: Not able to connect because the WiFI is not according to requirements and recommendations from Zaptec. 


What to do:

  1. Log in via the Zaptec app and set up a Wi-Fi network
  2. Check that the WiFi is according to our Zaptec requirements and recommendations. All Zaptec products require a 2,4 GHz connection and won't connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi networks

    If Zaptec Sense light flashes two timesScreenshot_2022-11-23_at_07.56.03.png it means it has not received any IP address. In other words not connected to the internet.
    But if the light only flashes one time Screenshot_2022-11-23_at_07.56.09.pngi
    t means that IP is received, but no contact with the cloud. In this case, it could due to the network specifications. 



Zaptec Sense does not report correct measurements

If Zaptec Sense does not give out correct or any measurements at all, here are some troubleshooting tips: 


Han port is not open

Make sure that the HAN-port has been opened by the grid company. If this is not done Zaptec Sense has no way of getting any data from the HAN-port. No M-bus. 

Wrong scaling factor

If a scaling factor is required, make sure that the value is correct. The scaling factor is to be found on the trafo. 

AMS specifications not taken into consideration 

Find out what type of AMS is used at installation. Does the smart meter have any specifications that need to be considered? E.g Kamstrup meters require an external power supply. 

E-meter is wired incorrectly

Make sure that the e-meter is wired correctly.

For customers with IT 3-phase gird, this could have happened during the installation of a new AMS meter. On older energy meters it is more difficult to separate the wires from each other. This is because they are often the same size (16kvd) and color (black) and are not marked with anything. 

What might have happened is that two wires could have been switched so that the phase rotation is L2-L1-L3 instead of L1-L2-L3.  If this happens the phase rotation is most likely not the same as the one set up by the installer. 
The problem occurs when the charger sends a command to start charging on L1, but this is not the phase that is used. This could make the fuse trip or that they are not able to charge at all. 

This is a difficult problem to solve for the installer. Luckily we are able to help them remotely. If you think this is the issue, please escalate the ticket to 3. rd line support.  

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