Payment services & invoicing

This article summarizes the most common questions about payment services & invoicing.


What is a payment service?

If it has been decided that the users will pay for their own charging consumption, then it will be necessary to get a comprehensive overview of each user's charging history.

A payment service is when invoicing and payment for charging are performed by a paid service that has a collaboration with Zaptec charging system.

User handling, payment reports, and invoicing are done in teams with the facility owner (administrator) or by the payment service.


How do I bill users for charging consumption?

To ensure a fair and secure distribution of costs, it's important to have an invoice basis for charging consumption.

Zaptec Portal provides a charging report that gives an accurate overview of charging consumption over a desired period, which serves as the basis for invoicing. The charging report can be customized based on the charging station, user profile, and charging chip/charging card.

Before invoicing can occur, agreements on pricing and invoicing procedures need to be established among the users, with the responsibility falling on the board or company management.

Note, Zaptec Portal currently doesn't support direct user invoicing. Zaptec can therefore not provide guidelines for the invoicing procedure or specify charging prices within Zaptec Portal.


How do I know what each user will pay for their charging consumption?

In order to find out what each individual user has to pay for their consumption, the following must be clarified:

  1. Pricing for charging
  2. Time interval for invoicing
  3. Activation of authentication (user control)

It is recommended that the board and/or company management communicate an agreement in advance and preferably before starting charging, as it will be reassuring for users to be aware that charging with Zaptec provides opportunities for a safe and fair distribution of charging consumption.


I want to avoid billing my users, what can I do?

There are several ways to handle charging consumption in the Zaptec charging system.

If a board or company does not want to be responsible for invoicing or administration regarding charging and use of the facility, it is possible to contact a third-party payment service. Such as Charge365. 


What do we get by choosing a payment service?

A payment service takes care of all the billing for the power used by each registered user of an EV charger. This helps housing companies ensure that the costs of charging electric and hybrid cars are distributed fairly and securely.

Additionally, some payment services allow housing companies and businesses to set their own prices for charging, create different pricing models, and adjust rates based on the type of user (resident, guest, employee, etc.).

Furthermore, certain payment services offer operational and support agreements. This means they handle customer support and address any operational issues on behalf of the charger owner or administrator. This saves the owners the hassle of dealing with these matters themselves and allows them to focus on other tasks.


I have users who do not pay, what do I do?

If users do not settle for themselves, and you handle the invoicing internally, it will be an opportunity to connect with a business manager and ask for assistance with follow-up of payments or you can look more closely at whether a payment solution can be something for you.

Zaptec charging system is designed to ensure safe and easy handling of charging consumption, history, and statistics in the free administration tool, Zaptec Portal.

If it is perceived as time-consuming or you want to look at alternatives, contact a payment service of your choice.


We have chosen an external payment solution, where can users see their charging consumption?

If you use a payment service, the individual user will regularly receive a charging report and/or a receipt for completed charging consumption. It is also common for users of the charging stations to retrieve receipts via My page in the online solution.

If you have questions or other inquiries regarding receipt and report on charging consumption, contact the payment service.


Which payment services can I choose from?

There are several payment services you can choose from. 

  • Charge 365
  • Monta
  • Kople
  • EasyPark
  • Spirii
  • Fortum
  • Aneo
  • Ladeklar
  • Smart Energi
  • PlugPay
  • SmartCharge
  • BKK

As payment services vary from country to country we recommend talking to your local Zaptec partner for advice. 


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